Nazmul Hoque

It was one fine afternoon in 1994 at the canteen of Rabindra Bharati University. Four of them were sitting together spending the break with tea and cigarettes. The whole canteen was very noisy for the student's chattings and howlings.

Suddenly there was very less noise and everybody was busy to find out someone inside the canteen. There was a loud whisper "who?...

A nice male voice singing... People familiar with music could at once realize it was a Bharati folk song. Others were really silent to hear it. Professors who were busy to attend their next classes stopped and failed to walk away. Meanwhile the guy finished singing. He was surround by all. He said "I am Nazmul Hoque "One of the professors present there added "your songs told me you are from a part of east-Bengal." He assured Nazmul Hoque can be a great artist in near future.

Its 2003 now, 9 years into dedication towards folk songs has brought Nazmul a success .In spite of repeated request Nazmul left the job of school teacher only for his devotion to Loksangeets. He left his hometown Murshidabad and tried to settle in Kolkata. Nazmul started doing graduation in vocal from Rabindra Bharati (Jorashanko) and was placed 1st class first.

He received a financial aid from Govt. of India for doing research in "Alkap" (Loknatya of Murshidabad). His sincerity to this job added a compliment to him and was award "Junior Fellowship .Today, Nazmul Hoque is very popular on his own aspects for which he pays his gratitude to all the people from who he achieved the proper training and guidance. He would definitely like to name Mr. Bhishnupada Das as his most desirous trainer, he learnt Jhumur songs from Mr. Subhendu Maity. Nazmul also wants to mention Mr. Amar Pal as one of his main sangeet gurus. Dr. Sudhir Chakrabarty selected Nazmul as his assistant for completing the research in Baul and Fakir.

Nazmul Hoque tries to find out the destination of dense roads through his folk songs. He tries to prevent todays restless moments by his melodious tunes. While walking on a normal day he searches around the dhuns of traditional loksangeets.

He pays his homage to all those days at the canteen from where he started to think about lokgeeties and loksangeet cultures. His hard workings and tremendous faith has brought a gesture in the world of folk songs. He is invited by the people of Glasgow and Liver pole to sing for them in the beginning of 2004.

Meanwhile Nazmul himself and some of his young friends have made a Band named "UJANIA" - a group for folk songs. UJANIA has already started performing in front of large gatherings since last months and achieved lot of appreciations.

Research Work Of Nazmul Haque:
Scheme of financial assistance for promotion and Dissemination of Tribal folk art and Culture.
VIJAY LAKHANPAL - Director, Department Of Culture, Govt. of India
Renesa Bangla Award '07 - Dhaka Kolkata Cultural Forum